Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another day

With my second week since spring break mid way through I am finally getting back into the groove of school.  I am really starting to get a lot of work dumped on me now that the semester is more than half over and for some reason the professors feel they need to punish us.  Anyways I know I don't do a good job of posting on here and keeping you all updated and I am sorry.  I am just not very good at keeping on top of this all the time.  Like I said a couple of sentences ago school is getting hectic, but I am still enjoying it.  I am actually looking forward to taking a couple of classes this summer.  I have gotten back into training again as well.  I am running about 8 to 10 miles a week and I am really starting to enjoy running again.
We did just get back from Michigan this past weekend to visit my family in Jackson.  We had a good time seeing everyone that was around and spending time with my niece and nephew is always a pleasure.  
I know I don't say much about Tonya in these things, but that's because she doesn't give me much to work with.  She is doing well and she still enjoys being married to me, I think.  Hopefully she will do something soon that is blog worthy so I can write more about her.  So that's it for now, I will try to post more often so you can keep up with what we are up to and what is happening in Chicago. 
And hopefully I can get some pictures that we can post because our site does look a little bare.