Thursday, August 28, 2008

School is about to start

You can definitely tell school is about to start around our house; Tonya has been working all week at getting her classroom ready, staying late and buying supplies, and going to meetings almost everyday.  She seems to be enjoying it though and doesn't complain too much except for not having air conditioning in the room, so if you see Tonya wish her good luck in her new school year.  I get to enjoy a morning of buying books and figuring out last minute things for my classes that begin on Tuesday tomorrow.  I don't know if many of you know this, but I have decided to change majors already.  I wasn't enjoying film classes as much as I was hoping and realized how much I enjoy writing, so I changed my major to Fictional Writing and with this I can still write movie scripts so I can will still continue to do some film stuff.  I am about to embark on a full load this semester trying to take 16 credit hours along with working 25 hours a week and still trying to find time to train for the marathon. 
 About the marathon, we have 5 weeks left before the big day.  It has been going pretty good for me, I feel I am on track to be able to complete the marathon in my goal time, which is 41/2 hours.  Tonya though, has been struggling a little with shin splints and is a little worried she won't be ready.  So if you see her or send her a message give her some support to help her continue on her training.  I know she will do fine, she just needs to get the negativity out of her head.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A long overdue blog.

Well Friends I said I would put a few pictures up of my camping trip with Mat and here are a few of the photos I have.  They are from our trip to the Apostle islands in northern Wisconsin on Lake Superior.  The area reminds me of the Pictured Rocks area in the U.P. with all the rocky cliffs jutting out into the lake.  
The area Mat and I hiked is called the Sea Caves.  There are a bunch of cliffs that you can hike above the caves, which are below the hiking trails.  They have kayak rentals so you can actually kayak into the caves, but the price was a little steep for us.  As you can see they had plenty of warnings on how dangerous the cliffs were, but Mat being Mat, didn't feel like being careful and would rather enjoy the view.
I on the other hand felt like enjoying the view from a safer distance and stayed closer to the trail.  Right before we headed out for our 9 mile hike, one of the park rangers came up to us to let us know that there had been a bear sighting.  They said it could be a little aggressive because she had two cubs with her, so they said to be careful.  This didn't keep us from going out on the hike, but it did make us be a little more cautious of our surroundings.  Another cool thing about our trip was that during the night while we were cooking our dinner we heard some rustling near our campsite and figured it was just raccoons or squirrels, but found out the next morning that it was a black bear.  We made sure to keep our food in the car for the weekend, because we really didn't want a visitor like that waking us up.
At the half-way point of our hike we came upon the beach, and Mat decided to take his shoes off and try to tolerate the cold Lake Superior water.  It was a beautiful weekend while we were up there.  It was sunny and comfortable the whole time, until the morning we were going to leave.  A small storm came through and got everything wet so it made packing the tents a little less fun, but over all we couldn't complain about our time in the north.
On another note, we have a visitor for the week.  Her name is Fudge and is one of my co-workers dog.  As you can see Zoey loves having a play-mate, Ana on the other hand isn't really happy with another dog in the house.  Zoey and Fudge really hit it off and love playing with each other, which is a problem with how small our apartment is.  We are watching Fudge just for the week, she is pretty good, but we will be happy when we are back to one dog and one cat.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's been awhile

I am sorry for the delay in between posts.  It has been busy the past couple of weeks.  I am still trying to organize some of my photos from my camping trip with Mat, and trying to catch up on my sleep from working the beer tent at Lollapalooza.  I will try to get the pictures uploaded soon and tell you about our past two weeks.  For now, we are still doing fine, just really busy.