Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh, what a day!

So today started out as an average Wednesday. Then it all went down hill when I got to school. When I arrived, I remembered that I have morning duty...which I hate. Once class started things were fine...for an hour. One of students came to me and told me she had a headache. I felt her forehead and it was fine so I told her I would check in with her before we went to science lab. We went on to finish math, do centers, and I was just finishing up my writing lesson on the rug and sending the students back to their seats to work when the same student came to me again. She looked miserable so I felt her forehead and she was burning hot. She said she felt like she was going to throw up. I asked to wait by the garbage can until everyone got settled and I would take her to the office. She casually walked over to the trash can (none of our trash cans have trash bags in them...I think you know where I am going with this). Just as she approached the can, she leaned over, pulled her own hair back and just vomitted. I thought to myself, I'm 30 years old and I'm not that calm when I vomit. Anyway, I took her, and the trash can, to the office. I called her mom who came quickly to pick her up and the custodians had my trash can clean in no time. After practically bathing in hand sanitizer, I returned to class thinking, that was really gross but could have been so much worse. After writing, I took my class to science lab. I was in a meeting with my principal and the other second and third grade teachers while our students were at their specials. After picking them up, we only had a few minutes to fnish writing before lunch. One of kids didn't come back from science lab. I thought to myself...that's wierd...but the students informed me he had gone to restroom but had been gone for a long time. As we're getting lined up for lunch he comes back to the room to get his things to go home. He had a huge cut by his eye and it was swelling. I asked him what happened and he told me that when he went to the bathroom, he stopped to get a drink and fell, hitting his face on an edge. I thought to myself...this is just great. We survived the rest of the school day, incident free. After school I only had one hour to work and realized I had to go to my last class at University of Chicago tonight. Last class means final. Of course, I wasn't prepared for it so I didn't want to go. I survived it but don't think I did so well. All in all, I guess you could say, it was a really strange and annoying day. Here's to hoping tomorrow will be better!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lots of Updates

We've had some excitment here in Chicago! A few recent happenings for us...October 24th my sister came for the weekend for a visit. Now this wasn't just any visit! She came because we had tickets for the New Kids on the Block concert. I know what you're thinking...lame. As I sat there and watched the show I thought to myself, "Oh my gosh! They were the first N'Sync!" The music was a little teeny bopper. That's what made it so fun. It totally brought me back to being twelve years old. It was so much fun! And really hilarious! We had a fun weekend. Jeremy did not attend the concert. He thought it was all pretty lame but I know deep inside he's sad he didn't go.

We've both been working like crazy since then. I just finished the first quarter at school. I was at school for thirteen hours on Friday trying to finish grades and get report cards ready. It was a little stressful. Our new computer grading/report card system is easier but I still wasn't ready for it. It made for a looooooong day.

Jeremy's friend, Kevin, and his family came to visit this past weekend. It was a little crowded with them staying here but it was so much fun. Kevin and Kathy have two kids and we took them all to the Field Museum on Saturday. The kids loved all the dinosaur bones. The kids thought it was so cool riding on the el train. We stopped for pizza on the way home. We had so much fun the kids didn't want to leave this morning!

I'm looking forward to this week. Tomorrow I have a professional development day. Tuesday is no school for Veteran's Day so my mom, sister, and Aunt Kathy are coming on the train for the day. Then Wednedsay there is no school for students because we have report card pick-up and conferences. Only two school days with students. It should be a pretty easy going week....which I need after last Friday. Oh, and this Friday Jeremy's Aunt Janet, Uncle Dick, and Grandma are going to be in town from Louisville for a wedding. We're having dinner with them Friday night. Its always fun to see them. Tootles for now!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our First Post-Marathon Run

After three weeks of rest, Jeremy and I took our recovered legs out for a little run. I only went two miles and Jeremy went two and a half. I was feeling optimistic. I even took Zoey with me. Now that I'm running lower miles I thought she might enjoy a little trot through the neighborhood. It felt really good. In fact, my only complaint was that the slightly colder air was burning my lungs. I felt tired at the end but I wasn't in any pain. On the one hand I thought, this will be easy, afterall, three weeks ago I ran 26.2 miles. How hard can this be? On the other hand, I thought to myself, this will be very hard because I haven't done any running in three weeks! It felt good to be out running again. However, I'm not looking forward to running in the cold temperatures and on the slippery sidewalks. We're looking around to join a gym at least for the winter. So for now, we'll enjoy the warmish fall weather and keep on running.