Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Harbottles Are Moving!

The Harbottles are moving...down the hall. That's right! After searching high and low we have decided to move to a slightly bigger apartment in our building. By slightly bigger I mean an extra 50 square feet. Could you hear me holler, "can I get an UPgrade!?!" We will be going from about 350 sq. ft. to 400 sq. ft. Now I know what you're thinking...Jeremy has too much stuff. While I agree with you, we will have much more closet space for his GQ wardrobe. We also went to IKEA and bought some neat stuff. I'll post some pictures of my handy assembly skills after we move and I put everything together. That's right I will be assembling everything. Jeremy will not be helping and I prefer it that way. We all have our strengths and assembling furniture is not Jeremy's strength. I bring him along for the heavy lifting. Just don't ask him about the heavy lifting from the IKEA cart into the car and the car into the apartment. Its still a touchy subject. Today we went bed shopping and I asked the man if there was a delivery fee for the new bed. While I was annoyed that something that expensive isn't delivered for free I think Jeremy would have offered the man four times as much so he wouldn't have to bring it home himself. I don't know what his problem is. I'm a good helper. After all, I've been working out and I got me some mean strongs!
To all of you who have our current address the only thing changing is our apartment number. Instead of 205, it will be 201. We will be forwarding our mail but you know how the pony express can be. So, to all of you who come for visits, you're more than welcome to come savor our extra 50 sq. ft. with us. Don't get too excited, you'll still be sleeping on the futon.

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Sluiter Nation said...

he he he...I can't WAIT to come and see you...lucky for me it will be a day futon for me! But I can't wait to see that extra 50ft! WOOT!

And if you remember correctly, whenever you moved around here? Your mom, sister, me, and you did it ALL!

Because we all have mad strongs, yo.