Sunday, September 5, 2010

Are we really moving!?!

This blog comes after some frustration. We thought moving to our new apartment down the hall would be easy. And it probably will be when we actually move ALL of our stuff and start, oh you there. We told the owner of our building we would be staying here and moving down the hall at the beginning of July. That means there were two full months to get the apartment ready. She notified us that it may not be ready for September 1st. We were fine with that and told her we planned to move everything during labor day weekend and that we wanted to be mostly settled before I started school. Well, we had our beautiful new bed delivered to the new apartment on Friday and we have not been able to sleep in it yet. The apartment has been painted, the wood floors are refinished, and the new tile in the kitchen is in. HOWEVER, she hadn't been back in the apartment until last in the day our bed was being delivered. She decided the dripping toilet needs be fixed, the gas to the stove needs to be turned back on, a light switch needs to be replaced, and the doorknob needs to be tightened...all before we can finish moving in. I am very happy that she wants all of these fixed but I'm wondering why she waited until the weekend we were moving in to find all of these things instead of the two months prior to us moving in. We'll be fully moved in by next weekend...maybe.

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Tammi said...

Yeah and I was really excited (not)about helping you move, now you are on your own.