Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Family Weekend!

What a fun weekend! Saturday morning we got up REALLY early to head down to Soldier Field. Jeremy ran the Soldier Field 10 Mile race this year. He did a fantastic job but because of the annoying children in front of me who were not being supervised by their father, I missed him finishing. After the race excitment, we headed home so Jeremy could shower and change. We packed up the car and headed down to Louisville. Jeremy's parents were coming from Joplin, MO, his brother's family from Jackson, MI, and us from Chicago. His Aunt Janet knew we were all coming but it was a surprise for his grandma. She had her birthday last Saturday, the same day as me, and we all wanted to surprise her. Well, it sure was a surprise. Jeremy's parents and brother's family got there first but we were only about an hour or two behind. She sure was surprised! We spent all day Sunday funning with the family. All the men were in the pool with all of the kids and the dog. Aunt Janet's dog LOVES to swim. The best part was watching him doggy paddle to push the kids around on the raft. Hilarious! Jeremy and Nate also taught Kodi, the dog, how to "cannon ball," instead of just walking in on the steps. Needless to say, Aunt Janet was thrilled about this. This morning after breakfast, we hugged and said our goodbyes and all headed in our different directions. It was sad to say goodbye but so good to be able to see everyone. All in all, a fun weekend!

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