Sunday, May 9, 2010

Long Overdue Blog

Katie-I know what you're thinking! It's about time! I've been a BAD blogger. Quite frankly, our lives aren't that exciting. That should be changing a little very soon. Jeremy is getting ready to gear up for summer classes. He'll then go straight into fall classes, winter classes and back to summer classes. Yeah, he means business. Time to get this done!

I have also received good news. With budget rumors and speculation looming I was unsure if I would have a job next year. Fortunately, after about two months of not knowing, I found out I would in fact have a job at my school next year. More recently, I found out I would be making the move from second grade to fourth grade. At first I was worried about this. No more first floor classroom that's been lovingly dubbed fun-oh-fun instead of boring old 101. I will not only be learning a whole new curriculum, I'll be doing it after dragging myself up to the third floor. Currently, when I have to walk my class up there, I am huffing and puffing when I get to the top. Perhaps, this job will double as a weight loss plan. After much thought, I am looking forward to this new challenge. Also, I will have some of kids from last year! I'm also looking forward to working with students with a little more independence. I'll also be working with a great teacher who has been teaching fourth grade for three years.

Most importantly, we're looking forward to summer! June 18 is the last day of school and we can't wait to enjoy all the fabulousness that is Chicago in the summer!

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Sluiter Nation said...

hooray for updating the blog!!! and for keeping your job! and for jer going back to classes! and for SUMMER!!!! Yippeee!!!